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CJ Norris Sponsorship

Art is a crucial component of our society, but it is severely underfunded. As an independent, queer-identifying artist, CJ can use all the support he can get. By contributing, you are not only helping sustain his career - you are giving back to our community by allowing him to share his creativity.





All contributing individuals or businesses will be added to a Thank You list, which will be displayed below. Any contributions of $25+ will receive a discount code for a ticket to a live performance. Donations of $200+ qualify for official sponsor status, which receive more perks. More on that here.

CJ Norris Artist

Projects Planned for Spring, Summer, Fall 2023 

  • Create and host an arts-centred talk show on RogersTV (In progress)

  • Write a bilingual play in partnership with the Capitol Theatre (Spring)

  • Performing arts workshops for adults in partnership with the Capitol (Spring)

  • Develop an online course based on the above workshops (Summer/Fall)

  • Travel to Toronto for networking and training (Summer)

  • Create a musical comedy to tour (Summer/Fall)

• Amount needed to complete these projects: $10,000

2023 Projects
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